SS Painted Intimidator  *  BREEDING CONTRACT

This agreement is made this   (date)________________________________ by and between Susan's Arabians & Pintos, Humboldt, Ia 50548 and

Mare owner:___________________________________________________TELEPHONE:____________________________


E-MAIL:_________________________________________________hereafter called "client"

Susan's Arabians & Pintos agrees to breed:(mare Reg. Name & #)_______________________________


date of birth last foal:_______________Number of foals:______________________________________

Breeding problems and comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Standing at: Susan's Arabians & Pintos  *  Humboldt, Iowa 50548   Cell:  515-368-1234

Cooled shipped semen available

2015 Stud Fee:  $1,500.00 ------ Booking fee $200.00 Non-Refundable

(call or E-mail for Multiple-Mare/Early Book discounts and other  discounts)

Mare bred at farm: neg-coggins, vet certificate of health and sound breeding condition, vaccinations and booster up to date and current worming within 30 days of arrival.  Mares arriving without evidence of above will be vaccinated at owners expense. A good teasing chart recording at lease 2 heat cycles would be a great benefit.

All Liability for mare (and foal at side) shall be born by the owner, under no circumstances will this farm or it's agents be liable in case of injury or death of animals--it is owners responsibility to carry insurance on Mare (and foal at side).

Mare must be broke to tie and lead -- we reserve the right to refuse service to any mare that is in poor health, or exhibits dangerous vices and habits. All Mares must have rear shoes removed or they will be removed at owners expense.

Client agrees to allow Susan's Arabians & Pintos to have veterinarian (at mare owners expense) check mare for normal breeding conditions and to perform any other services as SA&P may deem necessary to facilitate getting the mare in foal and for the protection of the stallion, mare, and/or foal at side.  All board, veterinary and farrier  expenses will be billed and due as necessary--all bills due within 30 days of bill date.

If a live foal is not delivered (one that lives 72 hours-as certified in writing by a veterinarian) SA&P will provide a rebreeding to the named stallion.  A different mare may be substituted with mutual consent of all parties.

If the named stallion should become unavailable due to death or injury , the stud fee less the booking fee will be refunded.

 collecting fees -Mares in house     $50.00 per time    **        Mare care $12.50   With foal at side  $15.00 per day


I  understand and accept the following terms as a condition to this contract prior to the shipment of any semen.  The stud fees shall be paid in full before any shipment is made.  Note, "Ernie is tested and proven to ship excellent!!!

We use the non- returnable shipping boxes to save the customer money ** we have had good luck that way.

A shipping container deposit of $250.00 shall be made and will be refunded when container is returned promptly with all components.  $10.00 per day late fee charged after 5 days.

Transported semen costs per shipment $250.00  INCLUDES COLLECTION FEES AND ALL SHIPPING COSTS FOR SHIPMENT IN CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES AND HAS A PAID RETURN FOR CONTAINER (ALL SHIPMENTS VIA FED-EX ONLY)---all fees due before shipment will be made.  (SS Painted Intimidator is proven to ship extremely well most mares settle first try if you have good vet)

Client understands that at least 24 hr notice must be provided to SA&P for semen shipment.  No shipments on Sundays or Holidays.

Susan's Arabians & Pintos shall not be responsible for any delays or failure in semen delivery.

date______________________________________Mare Owner______________________________________


Susan's Arabians & Pintos  *  515-368-1234  *   P.O. Box 616   *   Humboldt, Iowa  50548

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