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RIP Dudley

(SM Dundee Laabask (GG Jabask x Gay Laa Rouge)

  "Dudley" was a grey Gelding lost to old age on Feb 25, 2015.  He was bred by Shirley Mesenbrink and shown many years by her daughter Deb Tierney.   He was then moved to the Ellerman stable when he did lessons and showed with Caroll's students.   Later, he moved to Pennsylvania with my sister, Joanne Witiak, as her personal horse.   She did one endurance ride in New Jersey and won the 40 and over on him. When my sister, Joanne, retired from her job in Pennsylvania he moved to my farm and did lessons and lots of shows for little kids and teen riding students.  He was getting stiff with the old age joint problems so retired from lessons and showing 3 years ago.  His new job was babysitting the weaned foals on my farm and many owners of those horses know what a great babysitter their foals had on my farm --it made them all better horses.  He was put down on Feb 25,2015 after going down and unable to get up.  I had the Vet come and he peacefully went to sleep in my heated arena where he spent a comfortable life.

Dudley--gone to Greener pastures where he will meet up with my Arabian Stallion Az Malik and they will play together.

Update on SS Benito --he is doing great under saddle
 (*Pictured Below:  SS Benito & Hoyt Rose --summer of 2014)
(SS Painted Intimidator x Evanna J (MPA Giovanni x Jer-Enaja)

Lindsay Ann Hannah (Michigan) starts the season off with a BANG!! on ZA Painted Echo (SS Painted Intimidator x ZA Echo Flame) Grand Champion, 4 firsts, and a 3rd in Michigan this horse is full brother to O O Ive Been Spotted (US National Champion Halter). Congratulations to Lindsay!!!!

Great Region 11!! In addition to my new grey gelding, Chance To Dakar, going champion gelding AAOTH and reserve champion open gelding, my wonderful hunter, WTA Freedoms Spirit (Freddie) was champion hunter AATR in a SUPER tough and large class, reserve champion open hunter, and top 5 hunter AAOTR. And most of my family, John Kalsow, Megan Eveland, Dustin Eveland included, were there for support, and my good luck charm, Alexa. I am truly blessed.

“Congratulations to Kristi Schaaf of Boone, IA on her purchase of Az Mona Lisa!  Best wishes and happy trails!”

This is the last foal on earth by my deceased stallion TSS Az Malik (RIP 3-13-12)
   (Tss Az Malik x Aerial Dream) 
This is the 6th foal from this mare by TSS Az Malik --see photos of other fulls siblings-- one is doing well at endurance in California and one is doing well in Reining around the midwest. 

 "See the photos of these on the website!!!"

Kaylee Bussell on her winning Western Pleasure Horse 2012 @ Pinto Nationals:  SS Chocolate Meyers (SS Painted Intimidator x Boardwalks Karess) breeder of this one is Susan Skow

Mary Tierney entered her Half Arabian, SS Painted Mirage (x SS Painted Intimidator), in the local 4-H Fair.  She entered English Pleasure (Hunter) and won,.but this is a seasoned Hunter show horse and has done lots of winning in Hunter Pleasure.  Then Mary entered Western Pleasure for her age group and was in a class of mostly Quarter Horses with a Stock Type Judge. Mary was hoping to get a Blue Ribbon her first time ever showing Western Pleasure on this mare. She rode with Romel reins and was the only one in the class riding that style.  She won Champion Western of the show in her division!  The first time ever at the Humboldt Co Fair in many years or maybe forever that a non-Quarter Horse won!!!!  Very nice show for Mary & Missy (SS Painted Mirage)  Was also in outdoor ring on a very HOT day.

REGION X - CHAMPION Hunter Junior Horse
My China Doll 
 ( SS painted Intimidator  x Hawkeye BayBey)
Owned by Bonnie Matthias

REGION X - Reserve Champion 2012 HA/AA Gelding halter
Almost A Firecracker
 ( SS Painted Intimidator  x Ritz Romance SF) 
Owner Tonya Grefe

Rest in Peace ..... TSS Az Malik


1985 - 2012

Licky was bred by this farm and born here in 1985.  This amazing purebred Arabian stallion sired many show winning get in Western Pleasure and in Hunter Pleasure during his lifetime. He stood only 14.2H tall but had a disposition of a giant.   My personal favorite riding horse of all time.   We will always remember you, Licky.  You will live on through your many foals and their foals....

Two 2011 foals by SS Painted Intimidator out of Arabian mares sold to Jody Helmick (Iowa) this is the first day at the new home-- Jody loves them

Gelding on the left with face marking is out of  Evanna J (MPA Giovanni x Jer-Enaja (Psymadre)

Filly on the right with very little face white is out of Krisschelle (Brass x Myfera (Feramigo++/)  (Ferzon x Azraff bottom line)

This is the grand Papa with the big tail and a young male (under age 2) with no big EYE feathers yet but still wanting to show off for the females.


Pictured to the left is another happy owner of an SS Painted Intimidator mare.  

Owner/Breeder, Ann Bennett from Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  Ann enjoys a trail ride on her Ernie baby on a nice fall day 2010.

" Wild West Ride" in Tahoe National Forest (Ca)

  Pictured is Kalika (TSS Az Malik x Aerial Dream) purebred Arabian Mare.   Owner Ines Hofmann Kanna from California *** Ann Bennett, Windrush Hill farm in Iowa is the breeder.

Greetings from Ines and Kalika who have just returned from a long weekend in the Tahoe National Forest... We went to the "Wild West Ride" which is a multi-day competition for various distances. Kalika and I rode 30 miles on Friday and 35 miles on Saturday and took Sunday off to save some money (entry fees are not cheap, sigh...) I won't bore you with another detailed ride report like last time, but here's a summary and attached are a few pictures.

We knew there was rain expected for arrival day on Thursday so we had brought tarps which Connie and I quickly set up between rain showers. But base camp was at almost 5000 feet so when the weather turned even colder, rain turned into wet snow and eventually our tarps collapsed onto the tents from the weight... By that time I was already holed up under two sleeping bags with many layers of clothes on and did not want to come out and fix the mess but we had no choice. Little sleep was had that first night...

We were up again at 5am to peel our horses out from under their blankets and saddle up. It had stopped snowing/raining but the footing was terrible and we had a pretty slow ride at ca. 6 hours for the 30 mile course. It could have been beautiful but the wet snow kept falling on us every time we brushed a tree or the wind blew, so we were wet and cold by the first vet check which luckily was in camp so we could quickly change for the second loop. The horses did great though. All in all, it was a good learning experience and great practice riding on treacherous gound. Even with our fairly slow pace we managed to come in 5th and 6th out of maybe 20 limited distance riders. Results aren't posted yet so I'm not quite sure. Just like at the American River Classic in April, ride management considered the limited distance rides (less than 50 miles) to be training rides and the condition of the horse and grades at the vet check are more important than actual ride times or placement.

On Saturday, the weather was wonderful again. Cool and sunny, the ground had dried out a bit over night and the course was a lot easier to ride with fewer lake-like puddles and less mud in general, so perfect for a faster pace. I decided to go for it and separated from Connie and Khajun and trotted wherever possible to the first vet check at about mile 20. We even cantered quite a bit this time. Kalika was all business and seemed to really enjoy being able to finally move out. She did great at the vet check, we were able to check in immediately as her heart rate drops so quickly now. It was only a half hour hold so while she was munching her hay, I tried to eat too but it's still hard for me to get anything down during an actual competition... Our second loop followed a different trail than the 50 milers so all of a sudden we were completely on our own, riding through a beautiful forest on a wonderful but sometimes challenging single track trail. It was a great bonding experience again. About three miles from the finish, Kalika realized where we were and picked up the pace again on her own. She was amazing, quick and sure-footed and it was so much fun to ride her, truly exhilarating. We finished the 35 miles in 4 1/2 hours and I think we were 5th again, but again, I'm not sure.

There was a huge bonfire that night and a big dinner Sunday night and I met a lot of great experienced endurance riders and got some good advice. The vets really liked Kalika and thought we should move on to "real" endurance and do a slow 50 mile ride next so she can learn to manage herself even better. After seeing how well she did this weekend and how easy it seemed for her, I think we are ready for that (...as my right ankle protests... ;)

So stay tuned for more Endurance News from us after we do the Hat Creek Hustle Ride in three weeks!

Happy Trails,
Ines & Kalika

Hello everyone!!!!
I just returned from the Region 10 show where some offspring by my Stallion SS Painted Intimidator showed:
Winner yearling Sweeps class -- a tough class too:  Almost a Firecracker-- great colt and he is a lat one born July 1, 2009 so not yeat a year old.  A Freedoms Spirit --- Top-5 Hunter Pleasure Jr Horse (3rd on Judges cards)  in a different Region we got a call that there was a winning Western Pleasure horse!!!!  ZA Always A Lady   (x Ritz Romance SF) won the open Western class at a Region down South. 

So the SS Painted Intimidator Kids are doing well in the show rings around the country!!!!    YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!


Click on link below to see Susan's Vacation pics!!



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