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R Silhouette
  • 2005 Iowa Gold Star Futurity Champion 3-Year-Old Fillies
  • 2004 Iowa Gold Star Futurity Champion 2-Year-Old Fillies
  • 2003 Region 6 Top Five H/A yearling Filly Sweepstakes
  • 2003 Iowa Gold Star Futurity Champion Yearling Fillies

    R Silhouette SS Painted Intimidator The Color Of Fame Colour Me Hot
    (Hot August Nite x Stormy April Sky)
    Baroness Reverie'
    (Commander's Cadence x Longacre's Baroness)
    Falcon's Misty Dawn Modern Supreme Falcon
    (Modern Creation x Starheart's Lady Supreme)
    Riverbottom Dawn
    (Pellinore Of Ridgeview x Jack Pot's Belle)
    Cerro Marie Bey Cerro Fadl Kalid
    (Nabiel x WC Minxette)
    (Uzzah x Becky)
    Rey Chalonn Bey Beyonn
    (Bey Shah x MHR Jamaica Port)
    Chal Rena
    (Street Fair x Chal Teena)

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